Digital Marketing Services:

To Purchase any of these services, please use our live chat option, which we can contact you back on using your email. 

Website creation:
When developing a website we use Wix website developer, which allows us to create the website and then pass it back to the customer for management without any hassle. 
Note for e-commerce websites:  We design, create and develop the whole website, however, if you are looking for an e-commerce website, this requires a separate charge to Wix as part of a monthly or yearly fee - we have no association with this cost. If that fee is not paid to Wix, your e-commerce features won't be valid and therefore will mean your website cannot accept any payments. 
1 Page Website:£10
3 Page Website: £30
5 Page Website: £50
8 Page Website: £80
10 Page Website: £100
Or, it's £10 per page unless otherwise stated. 
Add ons:
A live chat option for your website visitors: £3
A members login section and profile: £7
E-commerce setup: £20
(Note: Please see the e-commerce notice above for information about Wix's separate re-occurring charge for e-commerce features. Our cost is for setting up the e-commerce onto the website and inputting any products into the system.)
For any more information on this please just contact us via any of our contact options throughout the website!
Content Creation:
We design, create and develop content for social media platforms, banners, presentations and more. Just let us know what size of dimensions you need, for example, size of an Instagram Post.
Social Media Content Prices:
Note: 1 Days content equates to 1 Post and 1 Story for that day. For example, 1 Instagram Post, and 1 Instagram Story. 
3 Days Content: £10
5 Days Content: £15
7 Days Content: £20
14 Days Content: £30
30 Days Content Creation: £50
Individual Content creation:
Individual Content Creation refers to individual designs such as a website banner or a design for a leaflet. 
Single Page:
Single page designs refer to designs that only require one page for example a poster or website banner. Wholesale prices can be applied if a large number of different designs are wanted. Otherwise, it's £5 per design. 
Multi-Page designs:
Multi-page designs refer to designs that have multiple pages such as a leaflet or book cover. Wholesale prices can be applied if a large number of designs are wanted. Otherwise, the price is £7 per design.